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Occupational Accident Insurance

These are the Top 25 questions we are asked about Occupational Accident Insurance and Non-Subscription. Click on any of the questions and get the answer.

Q. 1. Does an Employer Have To Carry A Worker's Comp Policy ?
Q. 2. Why Should I "Opt Out" and What Are The Advantages ?
Q. 3. Is Opting Out For Everyone ?
Q. 4. What Are The Disadvantages of "Opting Out" ?
Q. 5. What Does It Require To "Opt Out" of Worker's Compensation ?
Q. 6. What Are The Fines For Non-compliance ?  
Q. 7. What's the Makeup of the Market For Nonsubscription?
Q. 8. What Are Some of The Statistics on Non-Subscribers ?  
Q. 9. Who Are Some Well Known Non-Subscribers ?
Q.10. What Is Occupational Accident Coverage ?
Q.11. What Kind of Benefits Does An Occupational Accident Insurance Policy Provide ? 
Q.12. What Are The Elements of A Good Non-Subscription Program
Q.13. What Is ERISA ?
Q.14.What is the Relationship Between My ERISA-Plan and My Insurance Policy?
Q.15. Do I have To Adopt An ERISA Plan If I Opt Out of Worker's Comp? 
Q.16. What Documents Do I need to Comply With ERISA ? 
Q.17. What Does A Summary Plan Description Require ? 
Q.18. What Is an ADR ( Alternate Dispute Resolution) Agreement ? 
Q.19. Why Should I Have An ADR ?
Q.20. What Is Mediation ? 
Q.21. What is Arbitration ?
Q.22. What About Negligence Lawsuits ?
Q.23. Do I Really Lose All My Defenses?
Q.24 Why Would Someone Sue Their Employer ?
Q.25. How Can I Avoid A Lawsuit ?

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