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Q.10. What Is Occupational Accident Insurance ?

Occupational accident insurance is an affordable alternative to statutory workers comp in Texas.

    Occupational Accident insurance policies have three components that are associated with workers comp without the unlimited and open-ended liabilities. These include:

    • Medical coverage subject to deductibles, limits and medical management. These are dependent on the choices made by the employer
    • Short term disability with a limited term in weeks. ususally 104 weeks but can be higher, depending on the choices made by the employer
    • Accident death and dismemberment with limits as high as $250,000. This amount is dependent on the plan design opted for by the employer

     In addition, most occupational accident policies contain an additional component called Employer's Liability. Employer's liability protect's the employer in the event that ther ever was a lawsuit brought on by a disgruntled employee. Typically, this coverage pays judgments for damages up to the maximum limits of the policy. Also, good policies pay the defense costs related to the lawsuit outside of the policy limits. This means that defense costs won't erode your maximum benefit.

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