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Q.13. What Is An ERISA Plan ? 

Your ERISA Plan can:
1. Require litigious employees to arbitrate workplace injury claims;
2. Require use of medical care providers, and medical treatments, approved by you in advance;
3. Require drug and alcohol testing so as to provide evidence supporting your absolute defense of intoxication;
4. Offset Plan benefits paid against a related negligence claim and provide you subrogation for those benefits;
5. Provide you a liberal standard for denial of fraudulent injury claims;
6. Prevent Plan benefits from exceeding your occupational accident insurance coverage or your negligence indemnity coverage;
7. Require reasonable cooperation by an injured employee as a condition to continued receipt of Plan benefits from you;
8. Set and enforce your light-duty and return-to-work requirements;
9. Require injuries to be reported to you immediately, in detail, with witness statements; and
10. Meet your Plan disclosure requirements under ERISA

Note: The majority of plans we work with offer a custom ERISA Plan as part of the package.

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