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Q 2: Why Should I "Opt Out" and What Are The Advantages ?

A: In general, employers in Texas who "opt out" of workers' compensation have a number of advantages available to them. Some of these advantages are:       

1. The employer is better able to direct the care of injured employees:

This includes the ability to send employees to the doctor of the employer's choice;  whether to pay a claim; whether an employee is eligible for benefits; whether light duty is available and even whether a claim is valid at all.

2. The Non-subscriber employer is given a financial incentive to provide a safer workplace:

Non-subscriber employers can receive a direct return on their effort to increase workplace safety, both in reduced premiums and a reduction of claims

3. Employee Morale:
There is a positive effect on employee morale when they see that "malingerers" are not permitted to take advantage of the system and collect on suspicious injuries

4. Lower Premiums:
Occupational Accident insurance should be at least 25% lower than workers comp premiums. 


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